As a conscientious architectural practice, Samar Ramachandra Associates has evolved through the participation of newer generations of architects joining the firm and bringing with them their energy, aspirations and their uniqueness.

The vision has been to establish a method of practice that imbibes a spirit of leadership at every level of the organization. Where each individual is involved in creating synergy, one which goes beyond individual skills and personalities, and is focused on the process and product of creation.

Contributing to the larger aim of architecture in the realms of construction, education, training, social responsibility and citizenship, the firm has been active in internship programmes as well as organizing various student seminars, industry involving workshops for knowledge sharing and campus involvement through lectures, and guidance.

SRA edu is a not for profit organization initiated by the principal architect, Samarendra M. Ramachandra who is also a member, Board of Studies B. Arch & M. Arch programs, JNAFA University, Hyderabad.

Under SRA edu, the aim of the firm is to venture actively in the field of architectural education. Archxplore, a travel program, originally developed by the firm has undertaken architect led, architect focused study and experience tours around the world.